Clean Vehicle Empowerment Collaborative

CVEC is helping residents across the Valley understand the environmental and economic benefits of driving an EV and the available incentives to make it happen. We are driven to make owning a reliably, new electric car a reality for you.


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“My partner and I had talked about owning an EV but didn’t think that it was something we could afford in the near future. When we needed another car, thanks to the EV Equity Program, we were able to get into the electric vehicle we wanted. Having the ability to charge at home has allowed me more time to spend with family, and less time at the gas pump.”

Grace Deniz, EV Equity Program Client

Artist: Isabel

Age: 14 – 17

County: Tulare County

Artist: Ashley

Age: 9 – 13

County: Kings County

Artist: Matthew

Age: 9 – 13

County: San Joaquin County

Artist: Seneca

Age: 14 – 17

County: Tulare County

Gas vs. Electric

Are you wondering why you should make the switch from gas to electric?

Here are some of the reasons why:

Gas Vehicles

  • Gas emmissions worsen air quality
  • Increasing gas prices
  • Higher maintenance costs
    (oil filter changes, transmission and radiator fluid timing belts, brakes, etc.)

Electric Vehicles

  • Zero emissions result in cleaner air
  • Electricity is half the cost of gas
  • Minimal maintenance costs (No oil changes, no filters, no transmission, no radiator, 
    belts or hoses, less brake wear)

Discover better Air Quality

Drive towards having better air quality in the San Joaquin Valley.

What is the main contributor to the air pollution crisis in the valley? Transportation. With many SJV residents driving older vehicles with high mileage and numerous mechanical problems, emissions from these vehicles negatively impact our air. These vehicles are often costly and unreliable and an economic burden to the owners. By going electric and ditching the pump, you can do your part to improve air quality and help us all breathe a little easier. In addition to cleaner air, let’s not forget the money you’ll save by never having to fill your tank with gas, should you choose a full battery electric vehicle.

Incentive savings

You may be eligible to save over $13,000 on a new EV


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